What Super Bowl Sunday Means to a Non Sports Fans

The teams are locked in, People wait all year for the Super Bowl. It’s like Christmas morning for the ultimate football fans. Even if you’re not the biggest sports buff, Super Bowl is a Sunday that everyone looks forward to for a number of reasons. Whether the game is even on or not, it really doesn’t matter until the Halftime Show for us uninterested sport enthusiasts. This is what we really care about….

The food.

Whether you’re “watching” the game at a bar or chilling at your buddy’s house with the game in the background, you can always bet that there will be endless amounts of food. And it’s not just your average snack food – it’s Super Bowl Sunday, people! I’m talking wings, pigs in a blanket, and dips, on dips, on dips!


The drinks.

Two words: drink specials. Even if going out to a bar isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest changing that motto for Super Bowl Sunday. Whether there are half priced cocktails, dollar drafts or $10 pitchers, you will always have a drink in hand and hopefully, still a few bucks in your wallet.


The Halftime Show.

A fan of Katy Perry or not, I’d bet money that your eyes will be glued to the tube during her Halftime performance. No matter the artist – an old rock band’s reunion or a breakout star’s first big performance – the night is an event filled with glitz and glam! And after the 12 minute show, it’s time for another buffalo wing and a pint.

The commercials.

For the 4 hours the Super Bowl is on, we, football enthusiasts and the non-sports alike, think of ourselves as the ultimate advertising critics. Judging every commercial as if we could come up with a better campaign. And once the game is over, the best and worst commercials immediately become a piece of pop culture.

The socializing.

After the overstimulation of the holiday season, everyone falls into the January blues, which are no fun. People attempt to stick to their highly-ambitious New Years’ resolutions, but after a month of that, they usually fall off the wagon. Sad, but true. Super Bowl is really the first holiday after the holiday season and by that point, people are ready to party!