The 8th Wonder of the World: Giant’s Causeway Revealed


As many geography buffs already know, the majestic Giant’s Causeway, found on the northern coast of Ireland, is the creation formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. Named one of the greatest natural wonders, Giant’s Causeway is now a major tourist attraction. The whole volcanic eruption origin is accurate, but a tad bit boring. The legend of the creation of the Giant’s Causeway is much more entertaining, but most likely (definitely) fictional.

Story has it that legendary giant, Finn McCool, happily lived on the Northern coast with his wife, Oonagh. Peace was disrupted when the 54 feet tall giant discovered that he had a Scottish rival, Benandonner. After being taunted and mocked, Finn had enough, and called for a proper fight with his arch nemesis. Finn decided to build a causeway with enormous stepping stones to cross the sea to Scotland. However as he approached the great hulk, Benandonner, Finn grew fearful and fled back home. As he frantically ran home, Finn lost one of his great boots.

Giant's Boot
Giant’s Boot


With Benandonner hot on his trail, Finn needed to go into hiding. He dressed as a baby in a huge cradle, so when Benandonner saw the size of the sleeping ‘child’, he assumed that Finn, the father, must be colossal. Benandonner immediately turned away in terror, ripping up the Causeway as he fled in case Finn followed. Today Finn’s boot can be seen sitting on the foreshore of Giant’s Causeway where it fell to the ground in the chase. Similar stepping stones are found at Fingal’s Cave on the Scottish island of Staffa, where Benandonner allegedly ran into hiding.