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What Super Bowl Sunday Means to a Non Sports Fans

The teams are locked in, People wait all year for the Super Bowl. It’s like Christmas morning for the ultimate football fans. Even if you’re not the biggest sports buff, Super Bowl is a Sunday that everyone looks forward to for a number of reasons. Whether the game is even on or not, it really […]

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Christmas Day Trivia

It’s Christmas day, but how much do you really know about this cheerful holiday? Check out these 10 random Christmas facts that may surprise you! Did you know… Artificial Christmas trees date back to the 19th century. In the Pacific tropical islands, where pine trees couldn’t grow, Christian settlers manufactured trees from wood, then wrapped […]

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12 Christmas Customs from Around the World

With Christmas only a week away, let’s take this time to learn about Christmas traditions from all around the globe!   1. The real St. Nicholas was a bishop in the small Turkish town, Myra, in the early 4th century. The Dutch were the first to make St. Nicholas into a Christmas gift giver as […]

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The 8th Wonder of the World: Giant’s Causeway Revealed

As many geography buffs already know, the majestic Giant’s Causeway, found on the northern coast of Ireland, is the creation formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. Named one of the greatest natural wonders, Giant’s Causeway is now a major tourist attraction. The whole volcanic eruption origin is accurate, but a tad bit boring. The legend […]

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The Shilelagh Law Spotlight

  What better way to spend Thanksgiving Eve than rocking out with Shilelagh Law, the New York Irish rock band! In typical Shilelagh Law fashion, the night was filled with new and old songs, jigs, roaring laughter and Jameson. Good craic was definitionally had! Definition: Craic is a term for fun, entertainment and gossip that […]

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How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee

The story goes that chef Joe Sheridan saved the day when he combined sweetened coffee, Irish whiskey and fresh cream to a cold and weary group of American travelers stranded at an Irish airport back in the 1940s. Now Irish coffees are a staple during the cold winter months, globally. And baby, it’s getting cold […]

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